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2011 Officers and Advisors


President • Aaron Wilson

Aaron is a graduate student focusing on Transportation. The topic of his thesis is "Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Variable Advisory Speed System on Queue Mitigation in Work Zones." Aaron is also interested in materials such as asphalt and concrete.

Although much of his time is taken up with research and class work, he still takes time to play softball any chance he gets.

Our President has a boatload of responsibilities. Here are just a few:

  • Calling, planning, and conducting meetings
  • Coordinating all of the other officers' efforts
  • Representing ITE to BYUSA and other external organizations
  • Making sure that deadlines are met and things run smoothly

Vice President • Steven Dudley

Steven is a civil engineering graduate student from Magrath, Alberta, Canada. Although he finds all areas of civil engineering interesting, he finds transportation planning particularly appealing. Steven is currently working on transportation safety research with Dr. Schultz.

Steven enjoys the outdoors, running, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

As Vice President, Steven is responsible for

  • Organizing grant proposals and submitting them to ITE in order to fund the BYU Chapter
  • Assisting our President with any legitimate request

Treasurer and Website Guru • Bradley Mecham

Bradley is a first-year graduate student, currently focusing on Structures. While he spends much of his time doing his own research and coursework, because of his Computer Science degree he has also been busy helping several other students with the computer-intensive aspects of their research. He gets excited about most civil engineering subjects, particularly trains, city layouts, and subway systems.

Bradley is an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast and plays regularly with pretty much every group that will invite him.

Bradley's job includes

  • Monitoring Chapter finances
  • Purchasing supplies for Chapter activities
  • Photographing Chapter events
  • Working to get BYUSA "Approved" status for BYU ITE
  • Creating and maintaining the Chapter's website

Secretary • Buffie Chow

Buffie is an undergraduate in civil engineering from Broomfield, Colorado. She enjoys studying civil engineering, especially transportation. Last year she went on the civil engineering study abroad trip to China and was impressed, especially with the Chinese transportation system. Buffie will graduate at the end of Fall semester 2011 and will then pursue a master's degree in Civil Engineering.

In her high school years she was a national medalist in judo. Currently she spends her free time doing arts and crafts and spending time with friends.

As Secretary, her responsibilities include the following:

  • Compiling and submitting the Annual Report
  • Obtaining and publishing information on available scholarships

Service Coordinator • Brad Brimley

Brad is a fifth-year student at BYU and is set for graduating from the bachelor’s and master’s programs this April. The topic of his thesis is developing crash prediction models for rural roads in Utah. Brad enjoys hiking during the summer months and playing racquetball any chance he gets.

As Service Coordinator, Brad is in charge of organizing service activities, including our semiannual highway cleanup.

Student Coordinator • Clancy Black

Clancy first gained an interest in transportation engineering in 3rd grade when he participated in a "Mock City" exercise. His interests are in transportation and land use planning. Clancy will graduate in April 2012, after which he plans on pursuing a master's degree.

When not building cities or planning ITE activities, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, hiking, and playing board games.

The Student Coordinator is basically the most important officer. His job is to

  • Make weekly announcements in Undergraduate Seminar
  • Make sure our activities get on the Announcement Sheet
  • Create any necessary posters or advertisements
  • Set up field trips
    • FrontRunner
    • UDOT Control Center


Dr. Saito

View Dr. Saito's profile on the CEEn website here.

Dr. Schultz

View Dr. Schultz's profile on the CEEn website here.

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