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2014-2015 Officers and Advisers


President • Casey Knecht

Casey is a graduate student focusing on Transportation. He loves pulled pork sandwiches and racing toy boats with his family.

Our President has a boatload of responsibilities. Here are just a few:

  • Calling, planning, and conducting meetings
  • Coordinating all of the other officers' efforts
  • Representing ITE to BYUSA and other external organizations
  • Making sure that deadlines are met and things run smoothly

Vice President • David Chang

David is a civil engineering graduate student from Hawaii. David's dream is to visit Japan and to return to Hawaii as a professional boat racer.

Our hard working Vice President is responsible for:

  • Organizing grant proposals and submitting them to ITE in order to fund the BYU Chapter
  • Assisting our President with any legitimate request

Treasurer • David Bassett

David is currently working on his Master's Thesis but secretly is a professional cook and enjoy frequent traveller's benefits by staying at SpringHill Suites whenever he visits Seattle.

The trusted Treasurer's job includes:

  • Monitoring Chapter finances
  • Purchasing supplies for Chapter activities

Secretary and Webmaster • Samuel Mineer

Sam is and undergraduate, seeking to continue his education as a graduate student. When not updating the ITE website, Sam enjoys eating and spending time with his wife.

The Secretary/Webmaster's job includes:

  • Keeping notes of meetings
  • Assisting with projects and assignments
  • Seeking support and sponsorship for BYU ITE
  • Working to get BYUSA "Approved" status for BYU ITE
  • Creating and maintaining the Chapter's website
  • Compiling and submitting the Annual Report

Activities and Service Coordinator • Daniel Jean

Daniel work silently in the Transportation Lab. his work is a mystery and a wonder to the regular undergraduate.

The active Activities and Service Coordinator's job includes:

  • Organizing ITE Socials
  • Organizing ITE Field Trips
  • Organizing ITE Service Projects

Student Coordinator • Greg Sanchez

Don't be deceived by Greg's good looks. He's the go to guy to get people together for activities and service projects

The Student Coordinator's job includes:

  • Make weekly announcements in Undergraduate Seminar
  • Make sure our activities get on the Announcement Sheet
  • Create any necessary posters or advertisements


Dr. Saito

View Dr. Saito's profile on the CEEn website here.

Dr. Schultz

View Dr. Schultz's profile on the CEEn website here.

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